Testimonial 1

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Everything you have taught me will stay with me forever. Your energy, effort and incredible approach is rare and I have to say you were born to do this job, so thank you so much for changing my life forever

Testimonial 2

I started counselling sessions with Lynne after the devastating sudden loss of my son (by suicide).Having worked with Lynne previously I knew that she would be the strong, calm and compassionate presence that I would need to help me navigate my way through the range of complex emotions that I was experiencing. She has been a beacon of support and guidance in my journey towards my emotional and mental well-being. From the very first session Lynne’s empathic listening and profound insights made me feel seen and understood. The sessions were guided by me and I was able to dictate the pace during each session whilst gently being encouraged to explore my boundaries. Lynne was excellent at reframing certain negative thought patterns celebrated the small victories with me and was reassuring when I felt I’d taken a few steps back. I am profoundly grateful for Lynne’s expertise and dedication, which have been instrumental in helping me navigate my way through my healing journey with greater clarity and strength

Testimonial 3

When my Dad died after a short illness it turned my life upside down. I felt completely overwhelmed by pain and grief. Although I had family and friends who I could speak to I felt very alone. Talking to Lynne every week was a lifeline, she is so highly skilled and compassionate. Lynne helped me find the tools to start processing the intense feelings I had and enabled me to build a new, happier, healthier version of myself. Without Lynne I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now, looking forward to this next chapter of my life.


Lynne Mishon

Integrative Counsellor and Supervisor 


07799 473072